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We have begun our photo gallery. We hop to be adding lots of photos, especially of bamboo and daylilies.  Check back another time. 

                 Cistus Purpurea                  Fremontodendron californica                  Mahonia  x media Charity

                  Cistus Purpurea                  Fremontodendron                 Mahonia Charity                                           
                    Select Plants                          Select Plants                        Select Plants


Phormium Burgundy                    Phormium Copper Beauty             Phormium Dazzler                Phormium Sea Jade               

Ph. Burgundy                           Ph. Copper Beauty            Phormium Dazzler             Phormium Sea Jade
      Phormium                                                 Phormium                                       Phormium                                       Phormium


 Phormium cookianum Maori Sunrise                    Phormium Williamsii Variegata               Phormium Yellow Wave                                                          

Ph. c. Maori Sunrise             Ph. Williamsii Variegata           Ph. Yellow Wave
          Phormium                                                Phormium                                       Phormium  


  Chusquea gigantea                          Phyllostachys aureosulcata aureocaulis                      

Chusquea gigantea              Phyllostachys aureosulcata
          Bamboo                                                       Bamboo                                   

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