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A selection of exotics, perennials, shrubs and trees with outstanding qualities.

Plants larger than 1 gallon size can usually be delivered by truck to Vancouver Island.  Some may be able to be shipped to other areas of Canada.  Contact us for shipping suitability and price.

For information and planting suggestions for exotics plants, see Exotics Information.


(Lily of the Nile) Magnificent plant with beautiful spherical, lily-like flower clusters on 3' stems surrounded by green strap-like leaves. Great cut flower or in containers. Sun to part-shade. Well-drained soil. Flower: Blue; Aug-Sept. 1 m (3').  Zone:8 

AGAPANTHUS PETER PAN   $10.00 / Gallon

Dwarf form so excellent in containers. Winter indoors in colder regions and enjoy this exotic South African plant. Sun to part-shade. Well-drained soil. Flower: Blue; Aug-Sept. 45 cm (18").  Zone:8 


(Striped Giant Reed) Imposing clumps of stout, hollow canes. Creamy-white striped and margined leaves arch outward in a graceful manner. Stripes more pronounced in spring. By late summer only the tips are variegated. Source of reeds for woodwind instruments. Sun. Moist soil.  3 m (10').  Zone:9 

CAREX PHYLLOCEPHALA SPARKLER  $25.00 / Gallon; $35 / 2 Gallon

Absolutely beautiful, unusual grass. Bright and upright. Well behaved. Perfect for the border, as a specimen or in a container. These are 2 year old plants and almost impossible to propagate. Evergreen. Shade to part-shade. Average, well-drained soil.  60 cm (2').  Zone:6 

CISTUS (Rock Rose) Rock roses are extremely tough, robust, evergreen shrubs for difficult, dry areas. Native to North Africa and Southern Europe, they need sun and good drainage. They dislike winter wet and prolonged frost. Very drought tolerant once established. They all have attractive, saucer-shaped blooms. Each bloom is short-lived, but they bloom over a long period, usually spring to early summer. Should be tip pruned after blooming to keep compact. They will not sprout from old wood. Do not plant deeply.

CISTUS ALBIDUS                 $20.00 / 2 Gallon     

Felty, gray-green foliage that completely cover the stems right to the ground. Large lilac-pink flowers with small yellow basal blotch.  Sensitive to excess moisture.  Sun. Well-drained soil. Flower: Lilac pink; Spring. 1.2 m (4').  Zone:7  

CISTUS x HYBRIDUS                 $20.00 / 2 Gallon 

(White Rock Rose) Mounding shrub with smaller, slightly furry mid-green leaves.  Can be kept lower by light tip pruning. Sun. Well-drained soil. Flower: White; Spring. 1.2 m (4').  Zone:8 


(Crimson-Spot Rock Rose) Narrow, dull, dark green leaves are coated with a shiny resin that becomes semi-liquid and aromatic in the sun. Sun. Well-drained soil. Flower: White w/dark crimson basal blotch; Spring. 1.5 m (5').  Zone:8 

CISTUS LAURIFOLIUS                 $20.00 / 2 Gallon     

Laurel-leaf cistus with a slightly smaller white flower. Leathery deep green leaves on a free-flowering plant. Sun. Well-drained soil. Flower: White; Spring. 1.8 m (6').  Zone:


(Sageleaf Rockrose) Bushy, rounded shrub with deeply-veined, gray-green leaves that are thinner than other cistus. Flowers profusely with disc-like, white flowers with tiny orange-yellow basal blotch. Can be pruned harder than other species. Sun. Well-drained soil. Flower: White; Spring. 75 cm (30").  Zone:8 

CISTUS PEGGY SAMMONS                $10.00 / Gallon; $20 / 2 Gallon     

Bushy upright shrub with oval grey-green leaves.  Saucer-shaped, purple-pink flowers with paler centres. Sun.  Well-drained soil. Flower: Pink; June. 1 m (3').  Zone:8   

CISTUS X PURPUREUS                $10.00 / Gallon; $20 / 2 Gallon

Rose flowers with a maroon basal blotch. Wavy, narrow, dark green leaves. Upright habit.  Sun.  Well-drained soil. Flower: Clear Pink w/deep maroon basal blotch; May-June. 1.2 m (4').  Zone:7    See Photo

CISTUS X PURPUREUS  ALAN FRADD             $10.00 / Gallon; $20 / 2 Gallon     

Same as the species only with white flowers and maroon basal blotch.  Sun.  Well-drained soil. Flower: White w/deep maroon basal blotch; May-June. 1.2 m (4').  Zone:7  

CISTUS X SKANBERGII                $20.00 / 2 Gallon

A particularly beautiful cross found in the wild in Greece and Sicily. Narrow, lance-shaped, gray-green leaves on a compact shrub. The flowers form clusters and fade in colour towards the middle.  Sun.  Well-drained soil. Flower: Rose; June. 75 cm (30").  Zone:8   

CISTUS X pulverulentus SUNSET               $10.00 / Gallon; $20 / 2 Gallon   

Wavy, sage-green leaves on a dwarf, spreading shrub with dense growth habit. Saucer-shaped, rosy-red flowers. Sun.  Well-drained soil. Flower: Cerise; June. 60 cm (24").  Zone:8   

CLERODENDRON BUNGEI     $22.00 / 2 Gallon

Upright growing, tropical-like, suckering shrub. Large, heart-shaped, toothed, dark green leaves with purple fuzz. Fragrant, hydrangea-like flowers with audacious colour are slow to open giving a long period with colour from both opened flowers and unopened buds.  Totally deer proof! Protect from hot sun and strong wind. Sun. Moist, well-drained, rich soil.  Flower: Deep Bright Pink; Late Summer. 1.5 m (5').  Zone:  

COROKIA X VIRGATA SUNSPLASH      $35.00 / 3 Gallon; $45 / 5 Gallon  

*Nursery & Vancouver Island Only *

Native to New Zealand. A cross between C. cotoneaster and C. buddleioides.  Upright, evergreen shrub with wonderful green and yellow variegated leaves on unusual interlacing branches. Tiny yellow flowers in late spring or summer followed by fall berries.  Will tolerate drought once established. Colour is best in full sun. Evergreen. Sun or light shade. Fertile, well-drained soil.  1.2 m (4').  Zone:8  

EUPHORBIA ROBBIAE                $9.00 / Gallon

(Mrs. Rob's Bonnet) Evergreen. Glossy, deep green rosettes of leathery, paddle-like leaves. Lime-green floral heads on vertical stems. Quick spreading. Tolerant of drought and poor soil. One of the best groundcovers for dry shade. Needs moisture in full sun. Self-seeds, thus can be invasive. Moist sun to dry shade.  Flower: Yellow-Green; Late spring. 60 cm (2').  Zone:7 

EUPHORBIA GLACIER BLUE         $12.00 / Gallon;  Larger at Nursery     

Evergreen. Wonderful white and blue-gray variegated leaves densely clothe upright sturdy stems. White and cream yellow floral heads with bluish striping on nodding leafy stems rise up to 1 m (3').  Sun to part-shade.  Flower: White & Cream; Feb-May. 75 cm (30").  Zone:7 


Evergreen. Wonderful white and green variegated leaves densely clothe upright sturdy stems. White and cream yellow floral heads with green centre blotch on nodding leafy stems rise up to 1 m (3').  Sun to part-shade.  Flower: White & Cream; Feb-May. 75 cm (30").  Zone:7 

FERN - OSMUNDA CINNAMOMEA                 $12.00 / Gallon

(Cinnamon Fern) Deciduous fern with stiffly erect clusters of sterile, pale green fronds that arch gracefully from a sturdy, crown-forming rhizome. Rising from the center, the fertile fronds turn cinnamon brown as they mature. Another nice plant for the dinosaur garden. Moist,  humus-rich soil.  1.2 m (4').  Zone:3 

FERN - OSMUNDA CLAYTONIANA                $12.00 / Gallon  

(Interrupted Fern) Large funnel-shaped form with green divided leaves. The young leaves are covered with pinkish wooly hairs. Instead of leaves, some fronds have stem spore casings in the middle of each stem giving an unusual trunk-like look. These spore casings start out blackish, then turn yellow-green and finally rust-brown. A hardy, large fern. Will grow fine in sun if soil is kept moist. Light shade. Moist, humus-rich soil.  1 m (3').  Zone:4   

FERN - OSMUNDA REGALIS         $24.00 / 2 Gallon  

(Royal Fern) Huge, spectacular fern. Arching, leather fronds on red stems. Fertile fronds turn a rich golden brown and are held as a tight bunch in the centre of the plant. With age, forms large dense clumps with a very fibrous crown.  Use as a specimen or massed if budget will allow.  Sun tolerant on wet sites. Part-full shade.  Moist, humus-rich soil.  Deciduous.  1.2 m (4').  Zone:3   

FERN - POLYSTICHUM SETIFERUM                 $12.00 / Gallon;  $27.50 / 3 Gallon  

(Soft Shield Fern)  Attractive, deeply-cleft lacy dark green fronds in shuttlecock formation.  Has little bulbils (potential plants) along the centre rib. Soft and delicate for such a large fern. Evergreen. Part-full shade.  Well-drained,  humus-rich soil.  1.2 m (4').  Zone:3  

FERN - WOODWARDIA FIMBRIATA        $20.00 / Gallon  

(Giant Chain Fern) Native to Western North America. Large growing, deep green fronds from a stout, trunk similar to a Tree Fern.   Fronds have deeply cut, ragged-edged leaflets with pointed lobes. The spores form chain-like formations on the undersides of fertile fronds. Part-full shade.  Moist, humus-rich soil.  Deciduous.  1.8 m (6').  Zone:8  

GREVILLEA CANBERRA GEM     $13.50 / Gallon;  Larger at the Nursery       

One of our favorite shrubs. Bushy, wide, evergreen shrub with narrow, pointed, dark green leaves. Bright pinky red spider-like flowers produced over a long period. Totally deer proof. Hummingbirds love them, but watch your cats! A cross between G. juniperina and G. rosmarinifolia. Sun. Dry, non-alkaline soil. Flower: Pinky Red; Late Winter - Summer. 2 m (7').  Zone:8 

GREVILLEA VICTORIAE   $25.00 / 2 Gallon   

(Royal Grevillea) Incredible evergreen plant that could be more widely used. Hardier than first thought. Gray-green elliptic leaves with red-orange bottle-brush flowers lasting all winter in mild zones. Hummingbirds love them. Can be trained as tree, or used as hedging. Grows in very difficult conditions. Sun. Dry, non-alkaline soil. Flower: Orange; Fall-Early Spring. 4 m (13').  Zone:8 

GUNNERA MANICATA   $16.00 / Gallon; Larger at the Nursery  

Monstrous, dark green, jagged and toothed, kidney-shaped leaves on thick, prickly stems. Reddish brown, cone-shaped spikes in spring. A spectacular waterside plant with a tropical effect. Mulch crown in winter. Sun or part-shade. Moist, deep soil.  1.8 m (6').  Zone:7 

HELLEBORUS ARGUTIFOLIUS   $24.00 /  2 Gallon    

(Corsican Hellebore) One of the earliest hellebores. Evergreen and robust. Nodding clusters of cup-shaped green flowers held above spiny, divided, margined deep green leaves. The most sun and drought tolerant species.  1.2 m (4'). Sun to part-shade. Moist, well-drained non-acid soil. Flower: Green; Late Winter/Mid-Spring.  Zone:6

HELLEBORUS x HYBRIDUS               $24.00 - 30.00 / 2 Gallon  (depending on variety) 

Hybrids of H. orientalis and other species varying in growth habit and flower colour. They were grown from first quality plants and are quite beautiful. Evergreen. Forms new leaves after the flowers. Flowers are saucer-shaped and outward facing. The ones we have are: Yellow ($27.50); Picotee ($24); Blush Pink ($24); Rose Pink ($24); White ($24);  Purple ($27.50); Red Lady (30); Blue Lady ($30); and Black ($30).  Indicate which you would like.   Part-shade. Moist, well-drained non-acid soil. Flower: Varies; Late Winter/Mid-Spring.  60 cm (24").  Zone:

LAURUS NOBILIS   $12.00 /  Gallon; Larger at the Nursery 

(Bay Laurel) Beautiful evergreen tree for mild areas. Double-pointed, glossy, dark green leaves. Use for espalier. Use for topiary. Use in your soup - nothing beats fresh bay! Excellent container tree. Best in sheltered location. Sun. Well-drained soil.  6 m (20').  Zone:8 

LIBERTIA PEREGRINANS      $10.00 / Gallon  

An iris family perennial from New Zealand. Rigid, upright, narrow, yellow-green leaves which turn a delightful shade of golden orange with age. Short yellowish bronze-green stems hold small iris-like white flowers with orange-brown antlers. Spreads from branching rhizomes.   Sun to part-shade.. Moist, well-drained soil.  Flower: White; Summer75 cm (30").  Zone:8 

MAGNOLIA GRANDIFLORA            $59.50 / 5 Gallon; $97.50 / 10 Gallon 

*Nursery & Vancouver Island Only *

(Southern Magnolia) The pure species grows faster and larger than the named varieties. Dense, broadly conical evergreen tree. Thick, leathery, shiny, deep green leaves with cinnamon-brown felt undersides. Large, cup-shaped, tropically-scented, creamy-white flowers.  All M. grandifloras need as much heat as possible and protection from the wind.  Sun. Moist, well-drained soil. Flower: White; Jul-Sept. 6 m (20').  Zone:5 

MAGNOLIA GRANDIFLORA EDITH BOGUE             $59.50 / 5 Gallon; $97.50 / 10 Gallon 

*Nursery & Vancouver Island Only *

Possibly the hardiest of the evergreen Magnolias. Thick, leathery, shiny, deep green leaves with cinnamon-brown felt undersides. Heavy bloomer. Pure white, heavily fragrant flower. Said to have withstood -30 C.  Some of our customers have had success in Zone 4B!   Need as much heat as possible and protection from the wind.   Sun. Moist, well-drained soil. Flower: White; Jul-Sept. 5 m (15').  Zone:5 

MAGNOLIA GRANDIFLORA VICTORIA           $59.50 / 5 Gallon; $97.50 / 10 Gallon 

*Nursery & Vancouver Island Only*

Developed in Victoria, BC. Broad foliage with good dark green colour with heavier felting. Same wonderful fragrant flower. Tends to flower at a younger age. Has withstood -24 C, but needs protection from strong winds.  Sun. Moist, well-drained soil. Flower: White; Jul-Sept. 5 m (15').  Zone:6 

MUSA BASJOO   $42.50 / 5 Gallon   

*Nursery & Vancouver Island Only* 

(Hardy Banana) The hardiest of the Bananas. It has survived -10C with a 4" mulch cover. Dies to the ground in winter, but is capable of growing 7' in one year. If you wrap it in bubble padding, it can get as high as 15'. Fruits in 4 years, but not dependably. Limited supply. Sun. Moist soil.  2 m (7').  Zone:8 


*Nursery & Vancouver Island Only *

A group of evergreen shrubs and small trees that are native to Australia and New Zealand. We have been testing them here for hardiness and have become quite fond of them. While each one is uniquely different, they all seem to be deer proof. So far they seem hardy here in Zone 8. Most have leathery, dense foliage. Some would be great for hedging in protected areas.  Most bear small daisy-like flowers, yellow or white, some scented, in mid to late summer.  Some of the varieties we have in limited quantities are: x haastii, macrodonta, nummulariifolia, panniculata, solandri, traversii.   Sun.  Fertile, well-drained soil.  Zone 8


(Black Mondo Grass) Unique black-bladed grass. Good for vampire gardens. Makes a superb foil for gold-leaf plants or blue or red flowers. Flowers followed by neat black berries. Not a fast grower. Sun or part-shade.  Moist, well-drained soil.  Flower: Lilac; July-Aug. 20 cm (8").  Zone:6 

OPUNTIA IMBRICATA   $8.00 / 10 cm

(Chain-Link Cactus) Hardiest known cactus. Grows in wet mountain regions of New Mexico. We know of 2 examples in Ontario that are almost 3' high. Multi-branched with long, cylindrical stem segments, prominent tubercles and cylindrical leaves. Very sharp, barbed needles. Sun. Well-drained soil.  1 m (3').  Zone:6   

PALM - CHAMAEROPS HUMILIS   $74.50 / 5 Gallon

*Nursery & Vancouver Island Only *

(European Fan Palm) A beautiful cluster of trunks topped with deeply cut, starburst leaves. Flowers in dense, almost hidden panicles Extremely hardy. Excellent as a houseplant or in cool greenhouse. Sun. Average, well-drained soil. Flower: Yellow; Late spring. 1.8 m (6').  Zone:8 

PALM - TRACHYCARPUS FORTUNEI   $12.00/ Gallon; 28.50 / 2 Gallon; $49.50 / 5 Gallon

(Windmill Palm) Unbranched, single-stemmed, evergreen palm prized for it's exotic appearance and cold hardiness. Fan-shaped, almost circular, long, dark green leaves with numerous pointed segments lobed to half their length on long stems. Trunks are covered with shaggy brownish fibre with dense leaf crown. Hardy to -14 C or colder with mulch. Shelter from cold, drying winds. Fast growing. Our plants were grown from seeds gathered in Canada. Sun to part-shade. Moist, well-drained soil. Flower: Yellow; Early Summer. 4 m (12').  Zone:7 

PITTOSPORUM GOLD STAR        $25.00 / 2 Gallon

Roundish-oval green leaves with yellow edges and a slight crinkle. Oval, bushy growth habit.  Tiny scented purple black flowers are hidden amongst the dense foliage. Sun to part-shade. Fertile, moist during growing season, well-drained soil. Flower: Purple Black; Late Spring. 1.8 m (6').  Zone:8 


*Nursery & Vancouver Island Only *

Long black twigs and bark covered with silvery green foliage. Has an open airy effect when young but matures into an oval, bushy shrub.  Columnar growth habit. Small dark purple black flowers in late spring with a honey-scented, night perfume. Sun to part-shade. Fertile, moist during growing season, well-drained soil.  Flower: Purple Black; Late Spring. 1.8 m (6').  Zone:8   


The same as the species except that the leaves are smaller and give a more delicate look.  Sun to part-shade. Fertile, moist during growing season, well-drained soil.  Flower: Purple Black; Late Spring. 1.8 m (6').  Zone:8   


Evergreen, shiny gray-green, oval leaves with irregular silvery-white edges. Leaves occur in whorls along the stem. Star-shaped, creamy white flowers in late spring smell like orange blossoms. Needs an open sunny position and moisture during growing season.  Sun. Well-drained soil. Flower: White; Late Spring. 1.2 m (4').  Zone:8 


 Dense, spreading, rounded shrub with wonderful blue leaves. Evergreen. Sun. Moist, well-drained, humus-rich soil, but tolerant of other conditions. 1.2 m (4').  Zone:

PROSTANTHERA CUNEATA       $24.00 / 2 Gallon   None right now

(Mint Bush) Sweetly fragrant, tiny, round, dark green leaves. Dense rounded shape. Small white lilac-centered flowers. Tolerates some drought. A real little sweetie. Evergreen. Sun. Well-drained soil. Flower: White; May. 60 cm (2').  Zone:8 

PROSTANTHERA LASIANTHOS   $45.00 / 5 Gallon   

*Nursery & Vancouver Island Only *

(Victoria Christmas Bush) Fast growing, large shrub or small tree with long lance-shaped green leaves with a spicy scent. Forms an open canopy from under a short trunk. White flowers tinged pink or blue.  Evergreen. Sun. Well-drained soil. Flower: White; Late Spring. 3 m (10') maybe higher.  Zone:8 

PROSTANTHERA ROTUNDIFOLIA       $25.00 / 2 Gallon;  $45.00 / 5 Gallon    

(Round Mint Bush) Bushy spreading shrub with dense, dark green, aromatic, round leaves. Lilac or mauve urn-shaped flowers arranged in large clusters. Keep moist during growing season. Shelter from strong wind. Evergreen. Sun to part-shade. Well-drained soil. Flower: Lilac; Late Spring. 1.8 m (6').  Zone:8   


(Sweet Box) Along with it's larger cousin, an indispensable landscape plant for dry shaded areas. Polished evergreen leaves. Tiny flowers are almost completely hidden in the dense foliage, but their delightful honey vanilla fragrance is strong and most welcome in late winter.  Part to full shade.  Fertile, well-drained soil. Flower: White; Late Winter. 45 cm (18") Zone 8

SCIADOPITYS VERTICILLATA   $57.50 / 5 Gallon    

*Nursery & Vancouver Island Only *

(Japanese Umbrella Pine) Unique, slow growing (especially when young) conifer. Glossy, bright green, stiff-looking needles are held in whorls around the stems and resemble an upturned umbrella. Forms a beautiful, pyramidal shape. Needs lime free soil. Ten year height would be about 1.5 m (5'). Sun to part-shade. Moist, well-drained soil.  10 m (30').  Zone:5   


(White Calla) Beautiful, re-curved, upright, trumpet white flowers with prominent yellow spadix amongst broad, glossy, deep green foliage. The hardiest of the Callas, though it should be protected if possible and kept dry in winter. Excellent container plant. Easier to grow than pronounce. Sun or part-shade. Moist, well-drained soil. Flower: White; June-Oct. 1 m (3').  Zone:8 

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